November 20, 2010


KUALA KUBU BARU: Chaos erupted in the Hulu Selangor PKR polls today when a few men attempted to thwart the election process at the Dewan Merdeka here today.

According to a member of the Hulu Selangor division who requested anonymity, it all started when a defeated divisional chief candidate Zahar Rosli and some of his supporters prevented the polling monitors from carrying the ballot papers to the election centre.
The source told FMT that Zahar and his men surrounded the monitors’ vehicles and prevented the election officers from bringing in the ballot papers.
“Zahar did not manhandle the monitors. He just wanted to stop the ballot papers from being brought in,” said the source.
However, he said, Zahar’s attempt was futile.
“He didn’t get to touch the ballot papers, but he managed to obstruct the monitors from carrying out their duty,” he said.
The voting has to be extended to 7pm from the usual 4pm.
"The members went back to vote at 1pm and so far about 200 have cast their ballots," he said.
Zahar, who is believed to have joined the party in 2008, bagged the lowest number of votes compared to the other contenders in a seven-cornered fight for the Hulu Selangor divisional post recently.
Although his motive was unknown, the division deputy chief Kasim Yaakob believed that Zahar still could not get over his defeat.
“I think he was not happy with the result... what he did was very childish,” said the source.
Attempts to get Zahar or his supporters for comments have been unsuccessful.
Today marked the final week of PKR polls, with 15 divisions in Selangor, Johor and Sarawak casting their votes. The results will be known later tonight.

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