May 19, 2010


By G Vinod

PETALING JAYA: PKR leaders have tentatively agreed to call for party elections this year, but not during the congress scheduled for the end of this month.
This means there may be two national congress sessions this year, according to the party’s deputy secretary-general, Sharifah Shahidah.
She said the second session was likely to be held close to the end of the year.
Speaking to reporters at the PKR headquarters today, Sharifah said the three-day congress beginning on May 28 would focus on financial and administrative issues pending from 2008.

Those issues should have been finalised last year, but the 2009 congress focussed on amending the party constitution, she added.\
She said the upcoming congress would also address the issue of defections from the party, evaluate the Selangor state government’s performance and brainstorm on ways to strengthen inter-party ties within Pakatan Rakyat.
The congress will be held in Kota Bahru because “Kelantan is the role model” for Pakatan parties, said Radin Shamsulkamar, who is the organising secretary for the event.
“Despite all the hardships imposed on the state by the federal government,” he noted, “Kelantan has remained an opposition stronghold for many years now.”
PKR Deputy President Syed Husin Ali will open the congress at the Kelantan Trade Centre.

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