May 19, 2008

Dr M and Sanusi Junid quitting UMNO !!!!!! comments by su hulu sgr

Dr M - the natural leader like Tun Hussein Onn, Tunku Abd Rahman
Posted by: suhulusgr
He should by quitting UMNO,the former PM has done very influential tips for youngsters especially in the Malay area and rural area. They have been growing up during the former legacy and this would effect them in their lifestyles and political thinking not to mention all the small component parties in BN. What say Datuk Seri Anwar.. this would be easier for the defectors to join in Pakatan Rakyat.. PRU13 just around the corner if things would stay and be very difficult for BN to follow thru or to accept their "loss" to the minimum 3o defectors!

Welcome Dr M to Pakatan Rakyat..

You know that at least 8 reasons why Pak Lah should step down, among others:-
1. Kelantan - BN could not wrest this state from PAS
2. Kedah - BN lost
3. Penang - BN lost
4. Perak - BN lost
5. Selangor - BN lost miserably
6. Terengganu - Pak Lah has no power to appoint the MB
7. Perlis - Pak Lah has no power to appoint the MB
8. Wilayah - only 3 parliament seats won. The rest, BN lost terribly
That's 8 out of 14 states lost during the last election. Do the maths, it's 57% lost. Pak Lah clearly can't continue as PM. Wakeup Pak Lah!!!!

SU: my comments in the star, and the reasons given .. might be the same with Dr M (his thinking lah)

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